Friday, August 2, 2013

Mixed Florals and Casual Coral

Mixed Florals (A mixed bag of emotions) and thrifting
Today, I wanted a comfortable outfit for shopping, plus I was feeling really blah, so comfort was key. I reached for an old trusty floral skirt that I've had for several years. My mom actually gave it to me, six years ago or so, so it is probably ten years old when you add it all up. It does not at all look dated, it is a classic, and I love that it is in black and ivory. I have paired it with every color shirt under the sun. However, I wanted to be a little more creative for blogging purposes, so I paired it with a floral tank. Mixing florals and other prints is a daring endeavor that I have seen be done on other blogs, so I thought, "Why not?" I am still not sure how I felt about the outcome. I didn't hate it but didn't love it either. It was, however, a nice comfy outfit for hitting up the thrift shop.


                                               Top: Arizona jeans, 2011, I like this mint green option
                                             Skirt: Old (I'm seeing lots of comparable items on ebay, like this
                                            Necklace: F21, Winter 2012
                                         Shoes: Old Navy, this option and more on

So, off we went to our favorite thrift store. As I said, I have only recently gotten into thrifting. Before that, I was always kind of skeeved about buying used clothes, but I have gotten over it. I wash everything in warm to hot water with detergent and oxyclean when I get home, and it makes me feel better. Plus, this thrift store is clean and organized. Finally, I still refuse to buy used shoes, and obviously undergarments are also out of the question. That being said, I went in with a budget of 40 dollars and found about 80 dollars worth of stuff I could have bought. After whittling down my selections, I ended up with this pile, totaling 45 dollars. The extra five was for a Halloween dress that didn't count towards the overall budget, hee hee.

So much good stuff in there! See the blue and white striped blouse? It was on my "must-haves" list, and I found it at the thrift store! That definitely doesn't always happen. This pile of clothes contains Target items (the blue blouse), Gap jeans, and more. That green number is a thick t-shirt dress that looks like it was expensive, although I did not recognize the brand straight off. I will have to look it up. And yes, that is a neon shirt right on top, also an expensive brand. There's a couple of Loft tops in there too! Anyway, these pieces will all be used soon, I am sure.

Day 4: Casual Coral
So, the next day, I decided to go ahead and wear one of my finds. This blouse is made of a gorgeous linen blend that is so comfortable! And the of the prettiest corals I have found. It was all of five dollars. What a deal. I paired it with my comfy boyfriend shorts that I recently got from Old Navy, and a pair of floral sneaks that I picked up at Target last year. I wore the same sparkly necklace as the day before (I don't have nearly enough necklaces, so you will see repeats a lot.)


Man, I am in love with that shirt. And those shorts. And sneakers. Ha, this might be my favorite outfit of the project thus far! If I were to estimate, I would say this outfit cost me 34 dollars total!
Blouse: Thrifted, this is not far off!
Shorts: Old Navy Boyfriend, found here (I believe mine are Deep Sea Blue)
Shoes: Target, summer 2012;  here are some Keds that look similar
Necklace: F21, Winter 2012

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