Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm so bad at this!

I am just terrible at consistently blogging, so I thought that maybe I could share something with the few lovely people who have so nicely followed me...I finally created an Instagram account, and I have been taking outfit pictures there, so if anyone is interested in seeing those or following me there, my username is lovecolorandlife (link here. Link  I feel as though I am far more likely to be consistent there than I am here, as all that is involved over there is snapping and uploading pictures, and now that I have an iphone, it's super easy to take outfit pics. I need to master the art of the full body selfie to get the entire time!

Since I am here already, though, I'll share with you all a few things. One, since I last wrote, I really did buckle down and lost almost 20 pounds! I did this through following Weight Watchers and attending meetings (the most doable strategy that I know of!) I have thus been really weeding through my clothes and trying to get rid of not only the things that are too big but also curate an entire closet of pieces that I love. It's been a big project and it's been taking up my free time...and it's still ongoing! I have been putting some stuff on ebay (here if anyone is interested) and will continue to do so; I also want to try Plato's Closet to try and locally sell some pieces.

In the in-between (I still have about 10-12 pounds to go until goal) I have been doing a LOT of thrifting to acquire some new-to-me clothes in my new size without spending a pretty penny. I have become quite the pro at thrifting and often find flawless items with good labels. You just have to be willing to dedicate a few hours to the cause, and yes, it does get tiring, but here are some labels that I have found lately, all well under ten bucks a piece: Cynthia Rowley (one of my favorite labels!), Escada, Loft, Ann Taylor, Express, LC by Lauren Conrad, American Eagle (mainly for jeans, I live for their jeans), Pink by Victoria's Secret (I'm a fan of their raglan tees, not so much the ones that scream PINK as I am 30!), Anthropologie, Gap, and many, many more. When I get to my goal weight, I do plan to treat myself to a regular shopping trip and buy some nice pieces new, but until then, thrifting is holding me over quite nicely!