Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neons, Neutrals, Lace, and Tiers.

I got this skirt from my sister, who got it from someone else and deemed it too big for her. The waist is a little too big for me as well, but it was wearable. I loved it and am sad that it will not fit me for long if I continue to lose weight. Paired it with a lace-backed tank from American Eagle Outfitters. I love this look and bought some lace-backed bras just for it off of Ebay. Cheap bras, but they did the trick for the day. If you're small-chested, which I am not, Target sells some cute lace bralettes for tops like these. I have to wear a strapless underneath them or else I look sloppy.

Tank: American Eagle found here
Skirt: Old Navy, old
Flip Flops: Montego Bay, old
Necklace: Old
Day 2: Neutrals and Neon
I am digging the resurgence of neon. I walk into any store and I feel like I have been transported back to my childhood. I am not usually one to shop at Wal-Mart, for so many reasons, but every now and again I have to go there for something I cannot find elsewhere. Trust me, it pains me. And even worse, the last time I was in there, I saw the best neon yellow shorts. I could not resist. I just couldn't. I've worn them several times this summer because they are so comfy, but I wasn't big on the almost Bermuda length, so yesterday I rolled them up a bit. I paired them with a neutral charcoal gray shirt and some white wedges, and my necklace had the same pop of neon. My camera washed out the shorts but they are very vibrant in  person and I got oodles of compliments.
I REALLY wish the color came through better here, but I will link to the shorts or similar ones to give you all (if anyone) a better idea of what they look like.
T-shirt- Old Navy Vintage V-neck (my favorite tees!) here
Shorts: No Boundaries, not available online, similar here
Shoes: Old
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

What I'm About...and a one year challenge to myself.

Hello out there, if anyone starts to read this blog at any point! I'm a 30 year-old who has returned to school for a new career. I can't wait to finish and obtain said career, so that I can finally hopefully have the type of job where you can dress nicely. My previous career was as a teacher of very young kids, and that job would destroy nice clothes. I'm recently married and have no kids yet. I have always loved clothes. When I was four years old, my mother would ask me what I wanted to wear, and I would give her answers like, "I want to wear my fuchsia shirt with my turquoise pants" (yes, it was the 80s, but that actually sounds like it would be cute today!) I've been inspired to begin blogging again after a years-long hiatus because of all of the amazing fashion blogs that are out there. I don't even expect to come close to the caliber of those blogs, but I'd like to do this mostly for my own records. I want to look back in a few months, and then a year, and see what I was wearing and also perhaps be inspired to try those looks again. However, I am the type of person who rarely wears the same exact outfit twice, so probably not.

I am a bargain shopper through and through. If you're looking for a high-end fashion blog with lots of labels, this will not be it. My favorite stores are Target, Forever 21, Old Navy, Kohl's, and anywhere with a clearance rack and a steal. I've actually recently gotten into thrifting, so if there are ever any fancy labels, that's probably where they came from. I'm going today, armed with 40 bucks, so I will share my finds later.

I also lost some weight for my wedding and then promptly put it back on, so I will be sharing any successes, struggles, and perhaps an occasional recipe on here. I want to focus primarily on clothing, though. That being said, since it is hard for me to stick to projects, I am issuing to myself a one year challenge. By the time I reach a year, I want to be able to say I've lost 25 pounds. I feel like that is a realistic goal. Any outfits shown here will unfortunately not be shown on me...when I get dressed, my hubby is not around to take a photo, so it is hard to take one of myself. I may buy a full-length mirror at some point to help me with that, but until then, I'm just going to take ghetto pics, Polyvore style. ... So here goes, until July 29, 2014, goodness willing.