Thursday, May 8, 2014

Colorblocked Maxi Dress and a Blazer

Today was my Mom’s retirement party and I wanted to wear a dress, but it was really, really windy, so I decided to go with a maxi dress. The event was really casual, just an after-school party for teachers, and this outfit fit the occasion. I thrifted this dress in March for $5, and was excited to finally wear it. I love all of the colors in it! Again, it was windy, so I thought I needed something over it. I was going to go with a denim jacket, thinking of an outfit or two that I had pinned, but then I saw my coral blazer, and realized that the coral in the blazer matched the coral in the dress perfectly! Looking on Pinterest now, after the fact, apparently this has been done which I guess means I am officially “ok!” I added some flip flops that matched the teal in the skirt, and a coral necklace, and was ready to go! Pardon the head cut-off, my sister came to pick me up since some dickwad broke a window in my car yesterday for no reason and I cannot drive it. She's short, so she clipped off the top of my head in the picture, and I just finished the job the rest of the way.

Outfit details: Colorblocked maxi, Target, thrifted. Coral Blazer: T. Milano Petites, 2012. Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory, old. Flip Flops: Old Navy, old.


  1. I love the colours.

    Sorry to hear you got your car window broken? Did they break in or just smash it? I've had mine broken into before and it's a horrible feeling.

    Corinne x

  2. Cute dress! The colors are really pretty and what a deal at only $5! Sorry to hear about your window!


  3. Yet again, I've failed miserably at checking my blog. Corinne, they didn't steal anything, thankfully. It was just irritating that they cost us $295 to replace it! And thank both of you for your compliments!