Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jumper Dresses...a shameful confession

Over the last several days, I have seen jumper dresses popping up here and there on fashion blogs, and I must admit, my heart started racing a bit. It is kind of embarrassing how much I used to wear this style of dress when I was about 12-13. I probably should not be happy that they are seemingly creeping back into style, but I am. What can you do? Old habits die hard...and this one will not die, even if I was at my most awkward while wearing this style. Haven't bought one yet, but have been browsing around for some inspiration. I need to dig into my garment bag which holds all of my handmade items, because my grandma made me one back in about 1995 that I might still have....Anyway, on with the inspiration! Note: some of these are shown by themselves, but for fall, you would layer them over a blouse and maybe add some tights and booties :-)

This cute little item from Derek Lam Nation is so perfect and so affordable (and so only available in my size) that it might just be fate...

This Zobha number is an edgy and modern take on the slightly dumpier version that I wore as an awkward adolescent. I like it...
I actually really like this one from So Brazil because of the pattern, the flare at the hips, and the fact that it's shown worn over a shirt, which is the look for fall. Throw it on over tights, too!
This one, from The Atomic Boutique, is everything to me. It is classic and reminds me of why I loved this look in the first is very mod and 60s.
So, there you have it! I hope to jump back on this budding trend very soon. You saw it here early :-) Would you wear a jumper dress, or are they too preppy/little girl/reminiscent of your awkward days?

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