Monday, September 23, 2013

Currently Obsessed With...

I got this survey from the fashion blog Because of Jackie and I was tempted to just go ahead and fill it out. I haven't done a survey in awhile and thought it'd be a fun way to get the writing juices flowing. So, here goes:

Reading: Well, I just went back to a full-time class schedule this past week, so much of my reading involves textbooks...bleh. That being said, I will be working on a big pile of Sophie Kinsella books (some later Shopaholic novels and others) that my aunt lent me. Her books are easy and fun to read and don't require much heavy thinking. Perfect for a college student...and the Shopaholic ones make me laugh, because I love buying clothes, but she's excessive and makes me feel better about my vice.

Watching: Like almost everyone else in the country (OK, that's an exaggeration, but still) I'm currently engrossed in and obsessed with Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it, go now! Easily one of the best dramas ever written. That's almost all that we've been watching lately...we also watched Dexter, and the finale was last night. That show was REALLY good from Seasons 1-4 and kind of went downhill steadily after that, though.
Eating : Well, at this exact moment, I'm drinking coffee, but not enough yet...I keep hitting all the wrong keys, making typing this a pain in the bottom. I'm currently doing Weight Watchers, so I am good 6 days out of the week and allow myself a cheat meal or dessert on the 7th. I've lost about 9 pounds since going back on it in August...would have been more, but I slacked for three weeks when relatives were here and we were inundated with birthdays. We have been getting all of our dinner recipes from 100 Days of Real Food or Cooking Light. Last night my hubby made a Ravioli Lasagne (Cooking Light) and it was fantastic; tonight I will make BBQ Chicken, corn with herb butter, green beans, and whole wheat biscuits (100 Days...for the biscuit recipe.)
Planning: Well, hubby and I are planning to participate in the all- Breaking Bad trivia challenge on Wednesday. First place takes a cash pot. Here's hoping...but I have a feeling we will face tough competition, so I am not counting on it.
Dreaming: Short term, for fall weather. We had a short spell and it was amazing. I want it here for good...but we tend to go straight from 80 degree weather to winter here, overnight, so we will see. Long term, for the day I finish school and can have a job again. I miss working, but I am over and under qualified for anything but teaching, so gotta get another piece of paper...
Wearing: I am so obsessed with comfy right now. Bought a pair of Gap 1969 jeans when I was thrifting in July, and they were not very loose then...but now, they are, and I just want to live in them all the time. I roll them up like boyfriend jeans because at this point, they fit like them. And I have bought several (mostly thrifted or ebayed but a few new) Victoria's Secret tops/sweaters...the Pink raglan tees are calling my name, but it is still too hot to justify long sleeves, even those.
Doing : I have mostly covered this, but specifically, today I have to go on a couple of errands and then dive into a mountain of work for my accounting class. If I have time and energy left, I'd like to do some floor cleaning. Joy!
Enjoying : The cool air in it going to be nice today????
Hating : A strong word, for sure...I guess I am hating the phrase "Life Hacks"???
Loving : My husband. I love spending time with him, even if we are sitting side-by-side doing separate things. I'm also loving my coffee...and loving that I'm not exhausted today when I need to be energetic (last week I had a couple of unfortunate days that made me as lazy as a 90 year-old, thanks, PMS!) Finally, on a material note, I am loving my Dexter Dexflat ballet slippers from Payless...literally the most comfortable flats I have EVER worn. I can walk for miles in them. Finally!!!!!
Smelling : Well, I scoured and disinfected the sink earlier...I'm probably still breathing Lysol fumes...not good.
Wishing : I was already done with today's work ;-)
Missing : No one, in particular, at the moment.
Learning : So many new things that I can't keep track. I've felt like a bit of an idiot lately.
Enjoying I feel like we've covered this in other sections. I will stop boring all 0 people who read this...


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